Manalapan Police Department

Manalapan Township, New Jersey

Mission Statement

The Manalapan Township Police Department’s mission is to work in partnership with the community to provide services, enforce the law, preserve the peace, reduce crime and the fear of crime and enhance the quality of life within our community.

Vision Statement

The administrative and operational philosophies and work processes of the Manalapan Township Police Department will involve every employee of the agency in an effort to continually improve public confidence by strengthening and expanding our partnership with the community, by maintaining and improving upon established professional standards and promoting personal and professional growth for our employees. The Manalapan Township Police Department will employ a process of self-evaluation and strive to follow best practices in law enforcement.

Values Statement

  1. Excellence – The Manalapan Township Police Department will strive to continually achieve and exceed the highest standards through our education, our training, our relationships with our community, our police recruitment and our overall performance. We do this to better serve our community. This level of excellence will contribute to the overall concept that Manalapan Township is a “Great place to live”.
  2. Professionalism – The Manalapan Township Police Department is committed to providing the gold standard of professionalism and service to our community by utilizing each officer’s skills, knowledge and judgement to ensure a level of conduct and demeanor that exceeds what our community expects from their police department. Our officers will go above and beyond in the performance of their duties and cement our department’s role as leaders in our community.
  3. Integrity – The Manalapan Township Police Department will serve our community with honesty, transparency, and impeccable moral principles from every officer in our police department, both on duty and on our time off. Our officers will maintain a strict adherence to the rules and policies set forth at the municipal, county, state and federal levels and conduct ourselves in a manner that leaves no questions regarding our remarkable trustworthiness and strong moral foundations.