Manalapan Police Department

Manalapan Township, New Jersey

Online Reporting

In a continued effort to keep first responders and the public safe from the COVID-19 virus we are asking citizens to use increased discretion when seeking police services. If you have a situation that can be resolved over the phone by speaking to an officer, please call 732-446-4300, or use the options below to report your incident and an officer will follow up with you.

POLICE REPORTS: We will now be temporarily accepting reports via the phone and through this online portal. In the event of an emergency as always DIAL 911. We will continue to respond to emergencies and serious crime calls.

To report a nonviolent crime or incident, please click the appropriate form below:

Theft Report Under $200.00

Report Vandalism, Litter, and Graffiti

Noise Complaints

Lost Property Report

Property Damage

Harassing Phone Calls, Emails, or Text Messages